2 in One: Phantom Cargo Cage and Crystal Casket

2 in One: Phantom Cargo Cage and Crystal Casket

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2 in One

Now you can get 2 illusions in One! "2 in One" consists of our signature Crystal Casket and our Phantom Cargo Cage sharing on rolling table. These 2 illusions can be used in the same show-swapping out the illusions on the rolling table is quick and easy!

Road Case:
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Crystal Casket

  1. Base Measurements 62" w x 40" deep (front to back)

  2. Base stands 18" off the floor

  3. Includes high quality 3" rubber casters.


Crystal Casket

The classic girl production with a modern look, and oh so deceptive! Cover the empty prop with a cloth, and voila! Your lovely assistant appears before their eyes! Can be done surrounded. A prop you will be proud to own! See it in action here! 

"I have just received my Crystal Casket and I am really pleased with the quality and how well packaged it is. It is really well made and I am totally satisfied with how great it looks! I will gladly recommend your items to anyone. I am really pleased to now own such a well made item!"

-Alan Horne, Great Britain

Phantom Cargo Cage

This beautiful illusion is INSTANT MAGIC at its finest!. The open front cage allows a full view of the interior. Front and back panels can be lowered to show the prop entirely empty. Panels go back in place, give it a spin around, and your lovely assistant appears INSTANTLY before their eyes! The audience has seen through the cage bars. They are looking at the front of the cage and suddenly she just APPEARS, right there in front of their eyes! A prop you will be proud to introduce into your show! This can be a vanish, transformation, or production.