Ali Bongo's The Airborne Box

Ali Bongo's The Airborne Box

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This wonderful illusion was originally created by the legendary Ali Bongo for the equally legendary Paul Daniels Show in Great Britain.  Special thanks also to Andrew Mayne and Paul Osborne and many others for their contributions to this beautiful effect!

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This is a super-versatile easy-to-transport packs-small-plays REALLY BiG
illusion that will BLOW YOUR AUDIENCES AWAY! On the stage sits a cardboard box resting on a table set low to the ground. At your command, the box takes on a life of its own! It shakes, tips backward and forward. You lift the box - it's very lightweight. You then let go and the box floats in the air. Suddenly, out from the box top pops a lovely girl. The box continues to sway and float, containing the girl. Down she goes into the box as you tip it completely upside down. Her hands can be seen to drop out of the now reversed box. Again you rotate the box and place it on the small table just in time for the girl to make her reappearance and hop out of the cardboard box to a well deserved round of applause. This can easily be themed to be a Christmas Gift or a crate with a company logo. . .