Chest of Life

Chest of Life


This effect is based on a wonderful idea by Brian Bailey.   Thanks to Brian for entrusting us to create it!  In collaboration with Brian, Rich and his team have now made Bailey’s Bunny Buster available to the magic fraternity.   The awesome artwork for the flat bunny by our resident Graphics Guru (and all around Groovy Guy) Gary Vandermarks completes an illusionyou’ll be proud to add to your show!    Your audiences are gonna love it!

The Effect:

Place your bunny into the top of the box.  Turn the crank and the bunny comes out flat!  Open the front door, and the live bunny is indeed gone! 

Place the flat bunny back into the box, close the front, and pump him up with a bicycle pump.   Pull the lid off the box, the sides fall, and the live bunny reappears,  none the worse for his amazing experience!

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