Flash Apperance

Flash Apperance

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As the curtains open, the beautiful portal with a ring of lightsis seen chasing like a Las Vegas Marquee. Suddenly, a slow stream of smoke emerges in front of the portal, followed by a flash and a burst of smoke. Instantly, you, the magician, appear out of nowhere. An incredible Opener for your show!! This wonderful piece is designed in the classical style. The ring of lights consists of Sevently Five 7watt bulbs with an adjustable chase controller.

Comes complete with 100 bulbs, so you will have some extras. 120/110 VAC power for the chasers and the fog machine, included. The Flashpot runs independently and is powered with a 9v battery. Everything is controlled by the Magician.


See this incredible Illusion in action!

Custom ATA Case:
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