Houdini's Rope

Houdini's Rope

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You Receive:

  1. The Rope and the Beautiful Hardwood Post Unit (Looks like it's 100 years old),
  2. and a copy of Jim Steinmeyer's "Device & Illusion" (a very special thing...it's currently out of print!)
  3. which contains Jim's excellent Routine surrounding this effect.
  4. Smooth working and foolproof in every way
  5. Breaks down flat for packing
  6. 30 foot High quality 1/2" Soft Rope
  7. * Easy to do!
  8. No pulleys as rope runs smoothly over rollers.
  9. Rope is fully removable and replaceable.
Custsom ATA Case:
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Magician tells about how he came upon a relic from the days of Houdini - an actual piece of Houdini's Rope.  In those days, it was said that Houdini could escapefrom any restraints because he could dematerialize his body.  Now, having Houdini's rope in my possession,  says the magician, I shall attempt to demonstrate this theory for you.

Two members of the audience are invited to come on stage and examine the rope. It is about 30 feet in length and has been threaded between two antique posts. When the spectators are satisfied that the rope is solid, they each hold an end of the rope, pulling it taught. With the rope running thru the holes in the Posts, the post unit is wheeled center stage.  Holding a foulard in front of you for just a moment, and using the posts as a staging area, you proceed to "dematerialize" and "rematerialize" on the other side of the rope, apparently walking right through it! Post unit is immediately wheeled to the side and the rope can be thoroughly examined.