Materialization Chamber

Materialization Chamber


Loosely based on a concept introduced many years ago by U.F. Grant, Rich Hill's Materialization Chamber takes the effect a giant step further! The idea came from magician Brian Bailey who said"Wouldn't it be cool if the box could be examined after the effect...."

Well, here you go!


A trendy looking box is shown to be thoroughly empty. Accompanying the box is a clear tube, which is also shown empty and may be examined. 

The empty tube is placed into the top of the box, the doors are immediately opened and the tube is filled with Silks! Produce anything that will fit in the tube! Silks, flowers, fruit, you name it! 

After the effect, both doors are opened to reveal the tube full of your production items. Now here's the kicker...The box can then be examined! This is a very versatile production device - easy to perform, a beautiful design, and built tough. The effect is AMAZING!

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