The Door Production

The Door Production

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A large door, complete with chaser lights and bearing your client's company logo is wheeled onto the stage. It is opened. . . And shown to be completely empty. Within moments, your client's CEO or other VIP appears in the doorway!

This terrific illusion packs small and plays big. The door itself breaks down into two pieces. The door frame also breaks down small.

The chaser lights are 12v rope light which insert into a channel once the door frame is assembled. This is quick and easy. The 12v battery pack is easily rechargeable and is very compact. Recharger is included. The chase speed is totally adjustable.

  1. Sets up in just a few minutes.
  2. Requires very little rehearsal for your client's VIP
  3. Can be performed away from the backdrop, and close up.
  4. Fits in 2 Road Cases, available separate
Custom ATA Case:
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