24Seven V2 by John Carey and RSVP Magic video (Download)



Welcome to Volume 2 of John Carey’s 24Seven Project.

Featuring 12 stunning routines that you will use and suitable for all magicians, this is magic that packs a kicker punch!

“Practical and powerful! John’s entire Handle With Carey series is a must for all cardicians. John strikes gold with his novel combination of doable, powerful and entertaining card magic.”
– John Guastaferro

Featured routines on Volume 2 include:

1. Color opener – John’s take on the classic in the hands triumph with a color-changing kicker

2. S.W.I Interchange – A four 4 four pocket transposition. Minimum work maximum impact.

3. It’s all a mystery – Carey’s take on the classic mystery card, again designed for the real world.

4. Gemini production – An almost self-working production of a four of a kind involving a spectator

5. Homing in – Carey’s take on an old classic, involving a divination and a card to pocket combined.

6. Impulsive revelation – A great hands off discovery of a selected card using a two people from your audience. Makes the spectator the star.

7. 3 thoughts 3 located – A beautiful hands off discovery involving, tells, memory and thoughts

8. When Nyquist met Lorayne – A very strong and subtle approach to the classic sandwich plot. A favorite of Jack Carpenter’s

9. Interlocking sandwich – More of John’s very direct thinking applied to this classic of card conjuring:

10. An impossible Conclusion – Carey meets Jennings in this beautiful 3 phase revelation inspired by an all time great

11. Triple Triumphant – A 3 selection approach to Triumph with a minimum of moves but maximum impact

12. On the count of… – A signed selection vanishes in a spectator’s hand only to appear at a freely chosen number. Powerful and practical

Running Time Approximately: 2hrs


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