MATT PILCHER THE LOGICIAN by Matt Pilcher eBook (Download)



Matt Pilcher The Logician‘ is a collection of magical ideas and tricks by magic creator Matt Pilcher.

The tricks included in this eBook are

  • Constant K
  • Clock-Smith
  • Math-Magic
  • Even This Is Odd
  • Red Flags

Also included is a collection of logic puzzles and optical illusions that are sure to bend your mind!

Matt Pilcher is a multi-time top 10 best-seller on Penguin Magic, his magic has melted the minds of some of the biggest critical thinkers in magic including Justin Miller, Brian Brushwood, and many others. As well as being a top-tier creator in the world of magic he’s also a student of logic. His logical and creative thinking is displayed in this BRAND NEW eBook, ‘Matt Pilcher The Logician‘ get your copy now!


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